Hi ! ! My username is 'kairu321' You can call me 'K' whatever you want!
This tumblr's gonna filling with some of my fanarts, and reblog posts what i adored.
I am getting busy with my work these days. so I won't be able to take prompts/requests or etc. sorry...I tried to reply all of messages even I check my inbox super late. Just sometimes I can't find answer what I should respond...please do understand if you get no reply.
But I really appreciate about the messages you guys have sent me! Thanks <3<3
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Dad and son




Killer of the Red Death.

Soon to be Chief. 

And he’s still afraid of explosions

His best friend is a dragon who liberally uses his fire regularly.
And he’s still afraid of explosions.

Carries a fire sword that releases and ignites Zippleback gas.

Still afraid of explosions.  

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Some hiccspressions never change.

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It’s official. We’re in love.

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The leg hurt when it rains

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And he’s down! And it’s ugly! 

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